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This page on my site contains links to other Internet sites.  These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by this site.  Your browser will open a new window that is not on my web site when you utilize the following links on this page.



Dealing with Terrorism links: .  American Psychological Association has a page of current links http://www.apa.org/psychnet/coverage.html and http://helping.apa.org/daily/traumaticstress.html

Mr. Rogers has suggestions called Helping Children Deal with Scary News http://pbskids.org/rogers/parents/sept11.htm,   http://pbskids.org/rogers/parents/sept11-thoughts.htm, and http://pbskids.org/rogers/parents/sept11-thoughts2.htm

Helping Children cope (with terrorism): National School Psychologists http://www.nasponline.org/NEAT/terrorism.html

American Academy of Pediatrics:  Media Matters.  This site links to many relevant articles about the media and children.  Http://www.aap.org/advocacy/mediamatters.htm

American Academy of Pediatrics: You and Your Family
This  site  has information on  many topics relevant to children and their families.

American Academy of Pediatrics also has a site entitled Firearm Injury Prevention Resource Guide that has many important and timely links.

American Library Association has a web site entitled Great Sites, which has links to web sites for kids and the adults who care about them.  http://www.ala.org/gwstemplate.cfm?section=greatwebsites&template=/cfapps/gws/default.cfm

American Library Association also has a site for Children in grades K-12 where they can get questions answered, help, and reference service. Http://www.ala.org/ICONN/kidsconn.html

AmoebaWeb is a site that lists various child and family psychology resources found on the web. Http://www.sccu.edu/psychology/webchild.html

American Psychological  Association
This site has information on many interesting   
and current topics in psychology, including topics relevant to children and families.

American Psychological Association also has a site entitled Warning Signs which is  co-sponsored by APA and MTV to help youth recognize the warning signs of violent behavior.  Http://helping.apa.org/warningsigns



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Article:  Effects of
Television Violence

About.Com has a section called Parenting Babies and Toddlers that has a page about Television Viewing which lists several interesting links.  http://babyparenting.about.com/parenting/babyparenting/cs/toddlersandtv/index.htm?terms=television

Alta Vista has a demonstration site on searches on television violence.  Some of the links may need to be updated, but many are still useful.  http://stauffer.queensu.ca/inforef/instruct/tvbmk.htm


Special Needs:

Information on Autism and related disorders can be found on the following sites:  Http://www.autism-pdd.net/ and Http://www.geocities.com/enchantedforest/1142/index.html

Information on education for gifted and disabled students can be found at http://www.ericec.org/gifted/gt-diges.html

The Neurobiology of Reading and Dyslexia by Sally E. Shaywitz, M.D., and Bennett A. Shaywitz, M.D. This article reviews recent advances in the neurobiology of dyslexia and their implications for teaching adults with dyslexia. .http://ncsall.gse.harvard.edu/fob/2001/shaywitz.html

Readings and Resources About Reading Instruction for Young Children with Learning Disabilities  http://ericec.org/minibibs/eb12.html

National Parent Information Network
This site had a fabulous newsletter for parents with a variety of  topics.  It has been discontinued by the federal government as of December 31, 2003.  NPIN was "...an attractive, single point of access on the World Wide Web to high-quality information on parenting and parent involvement in their children's education." (UIUC College of Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative).  Formerly found at www.npin.org

Types of appropriate toys for children of various ages can be found at Dr. Toy's GuideHttp://www.drtoy.com/

Winnetka Alliance For Early Childhood
This organization provides programs and support for parents and professionals who teach and care for young children.  Http://www.winnetkaAlliance.org


This site contains links to other Internet sites.  These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites, and no information in such site has been endorsed or approved by this site.

Does TV Violence Harm Children?

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Should young kids watch Teletubbies?

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