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Media Presentations

The Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas and Centers for Youth & Families Dyslexia Center, 2 day seminar workshop entitled  Technology for Students with Learning Disabilities: Leveling the playing field.  June 3-4, 2004.

Panel Member (with Dr. Mom and others) to Media representatives in New York in presentation entitled Power Breakfast Kids Style in March 1994.

Video News Release, December 1993, prepared by Dairy Association affiliates discussing the importance of holiday traditions for children.

Presentation to Dairy Association affiliates and Media representatives October 1993 in program entitled Holiday Sampler: Trends, Traditions, and Tots.

Beckman Sponsored Presentations

Voice Recognition Technology for Educators and Parents, Winnetka, IL presented on August 26-27, 2002.  An intensive training program for professionals and parents.

Assistive Technology for Lifelong Learning Open House and Demonstration, Winnetka, IL presented on  August 27, 2002.

Other Presentations

Concordia College, River Forest, IL presented November 28, 2005 Entitled Technology Accommodations for Special Education Students.  Presented to a class for preservice special education teachers.

Lutheran Special Education Ministries, River Forest, IL presented September 21, 2005 Entitled Using Technology for Successful Study Skills Training

Parent University, sponsored by Northbrook Citizens for Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Northbrook, IL presented two sessions on November 5, 2005: 1. Playtime with a Mission: Fun Ways to Help Your Child Get Ready for Learning and Literacy and 2. Hi Tech, Low Tech, and Study Skills for Successful Learning

ASK (Answers for Special Kids), Evanston, IL presented April 21, 2005 entitled Aiming for success: Accommodations and Study Skills Training For Students with Disabilities

Counseling Connection, Grayslake, IL presented April 6, 2005 entitled Leveling the Playing Field: Assistive technology for learning.

Glenview Methodist Preschool, Glenview, IL presented March 15, 2005 entitled Early Literacy: What Do Our Preschoolers Need?

PASS 39 Parent Dyslexia Group  presented February 28, 2005 entitled Determining Effective Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

Colleagues Breakfast Series.  Park Ridge, IL presented February 9, 2005 entitled Leveling the Playing Field: Assistive Technology for Learning.

Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  Oak Brook Terrace, IL, presented October 14, 2004 entitled Aiming for College: Technology Accommodations and Study Skills Training for LD Students.

Pediatric Neuropsychology Rounds, Lutheran General Children's Hospital, Park Ridge, IL presented May 11, 2004 entitled Psychologists' role in providing Assistive Technology for Learning.

Washburne Junior High Career Day, Winnetka, IL, presented April 14, 2004 entitled Technology for Learning.

Association of Educational Therapists, Chicago, IL, presented March 5, 2004 entitled Technological Accommodations: A Learning Prescription for Dyslexia.

Evanston School District 65 Parent Program, Evanston, IL presented October 27, 2003 entitled A Family Affair: Coping With Your Child's Learning Disabilities.

Closing the Gap Conference, Minneapolis, MN presented October 16, 2003 entitled The Dyslexia Prescription.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Glenview, IL presented April 8, 2003 entitled Kids and Technology: How the Media Impacts Your Children.

Winnetka-Northfield Rotary, Winnetka, IL presented April 3, 2003.  Part two of presentation entitled Literacy for All: How Assistive Technology Aids Dyslexics.

Riverwoods Montessori School, Riverwoods, IL presented staff training on February 17, 2003 entitled Assistive Technology for Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles.

Evaluation Center for Learning, Glenview, IL presented January 14, 2003 entitled It Isn't Just a Crutch: Assistive Technology for Learning Disabilities.

Winnetka Rotary, Winnetka, IL presented January 9, 2003.  Part one of presentation entitled Literacy for All: How Assistive Technology Aids Dyslexics.

Lake Forest Parent University, Lake Forest, IL presented on April 13, 2002 entitled Super Parent or Super Stressed?

Niles Family Center, Lutheran General Outreach Program, Niles, IL presented on April 9, 2002 entitled Coping with Grief and Loss.

Lincoln Park Cooperative, Chicago, IL presented on February 26, 2002 (and April 16). Two part program entitled Harmony in Your Home: Sibling Relationships.

Lake Bluff Schools, Lake Bluff, IL presented February 22, 2002 entitled  Your Child's Developing Friendships.

Ravinia School, Highland Park, IL presented January 14, 2002 entitled Helping Your Child with Anxiety.

St. Gilbert's P.E.P. program, Grayslake, IL presented November 10, 2001 entitled Getting Back on Track After Terrorism.

Midwest Children's Brain Tumor Center, Park Ridge, IL presented April 11, 2001 entitled: The Teen Years and Beyond: Moving on From Brain Tumors.

Lutheran General Hospital Department of Pediatrics, Park Ridge, IL presented March 16, 2001 entitled Vulnerable Child Syndrome.

Franklin School, Park Ridge, IL presented March 6, 2001 entitled How to Support a community-wide TV tuneout. Sponsored by Lutheran General outreach programs.

Lutheran General Hospital Colleagues Breakfast Series, Park Ridge, IL presented February 14, 2001 entitled Self-Mutilation.

Twinsight (mothers of multiple birthed children),   Northbrook, IL presented May 14, 2001 entitled How Television, Video, and the Internet Impact Your Children.

Midwest Children’s Brain Tumor Center, Park Ridge, IL, presented to Lutheran General medical staff and allied professionals March 16, 2001 entitled Vulnerable Child Syndrome.

Franklin School in Park Ridge, presented March 6, 2001 entitled Kids and Technology: What Can Parents Do?

Deerfield Community Nursery School, presented February 21, 2001 entitled TV and Your Preschooler: Facts and Fiction.

Colleague’s Breakfast Series, Lutheran General Hospital, presented February 14, 2001 entitled Self-Mutilation.

St Gilbert’s School P.E.P.(parent group), Grayslake Parent Group, January 18, 2001 entitled Television & Video Violence and your Children: What’s a Family To Do?

New Trier High School Career Awareness Day presented May 3, 2000 entitled Psychologists: Fact and Fiction.

Tot Learning Center, April 13, 2000 entitled TV As An Invited Stranger in Your House

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) co-presented in November of 1999 entitled Is It Time for Your School or Organization to Have a Website? Basic Information for Educators.

Harkness House for Children presented May 11, 1999 entitled Spirited, Difficult, and/or Challenging Children in a Day Care Setting: What Should Staff Do?

Haven Youth and Family Services presented February 11,1999 entitled Helping Adolescents Establish Boundaries and Control.

Winnetka Bible Church co-presented February 8, 1999 entitled: Kids and Television: What Can Parents Do? How Television and Video Impact Your Children.

The Kid’s Connection: I.B.D. Support Group presented April 14, 1999 entitled Coping with Chronic Disease: Have You Found a Comfortable Strategy?

National Association for Down Syndrome. Presented in March of 1998 entitled Taking Care of Yourself", for parents of Down Syndrome children with ADHD.

Cook County Resource and Referral Workshop co-presented on April 10, 1997 entitled Children and the media.

Gertrude Nielson Child Care Center, January 10, 1997 entitled TV Tuneouts for the Younger Child.

McCormic Fellows Leadership, National-Louis University, co-presented April 10, 1996 entitled Children and the Media.

Parent University, Lake Zurich, IL. Presented in January of1996 entitled Working Moms: Supermom or Supertired?

Chicago Association of Education for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) co-presented in January 1996 entitled TV tuneout: our community-wide, weeklong experiment with no television.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) co-presented in November 1995 entitled TV tuneout: our community-wide, weeklong experiment with no television.

Countryside Montessori School, presented November, 1995 entitled Getting to Yes while Enforcing the "No" (regarding discipline).

Deerfield Montessori School, presented on October 17, 1995 entitled Parent-child relationships.

Mothers of Multiples, presented May 1, 1995 entitled Sibling Rivalry.

North Shore Early Childhood Council, presented on May 16, 1995 entitled How educators can help parents organize a grassroots movement to curb children’s viewing of TV violence.

Winnetka Rotary, Presented on March 23, 1995 entitled The Effects of Media Violence on Children.

Leyden Special Education Cooperative, Presented on November 7, 1994 entitled Psychological Testing of Non-Verbal Low Incidence Students.

Harkness House for Children, presented May 13, 1992 entitled Behavior problems in day care: what’s a teacher to do?

Lutheran General Hospital Colleagues Breakfast Series, on March 4, 1992, panel discussion entitled Power Struggles and issues of control in children and adolescents.

Evanston Hospital, Department of Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics, presented June 6, 1991 entitled Cognitive Evaluation of Multiply-handicapped children.

The Child Care Challenge Seminar, panel member on September 23, 1989 entitled Parents as Child Care Consumers.

North Shore Junior Mothers Club, presented April 21, 1988 entitled Women Problems: Coping with Middle Age.

New Trier Extension, presented 6 week class in winter of 1988 entitled Children at play: Birth to Five years.

Sacred Heart Church, co-presented May 31, 1988 entitled Helping families cope with tragedy (aftermath of Laurie Dann school shootings) .

Corporate and Organization Presentations

Presentations on various topics including Assistive Technology for Lifelong Learning, Coping with Stress, Family Stress in Today’s Corporations, Supermom, Choosing Quality Childcare, Balancing work and Family Life, Helping Supermom and Superdad Stay Motivated at Work, Juggling Working and Parenting, Parenting Special Needs Children, Setting Up a Home Business Around Your Children, Providing a Family Friendly Workplace in Today’s Economic Climate, Helping Your Business Grow Beyond Ma & Pa, How to Help "Technologically Challenged" Employees Embrace the Information Revolution.

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