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Article:  Effects of
Television Violence

__Voice Recognition Technology                  __Text to Speech Technology                         __ Helping your child have successful playdates
__ Sibling rivalry
__ Sharing
__ Blankets and pacifiers
__ Children and bedtime
__ Sleepless families
__ The second child
__ Toilet Training
__ Adjusting to preschool:
     Questions and Answers
__ Preschool education or "miseducation"
__ Supermom and other myths
__ Dads
__ Toddlers and Discipline
__ Natural and Logical Consequences:                    Discipline   for your child
__ Swearing and your child
__ Choosing a sitter
__ Encouraging teens
__ Children and Death
__ Helping kids deal with terrorism
__ Picky eaters
__ Hurried Couples
__ New years resolutions for the nineties
__ Nintendo and other Video Games
__ Television and your  children
__ Power Rangers:  Not for  young children
__ Teletubbies:  Not for Toddlers

__ Advice on Curbing the  Effects of Television
__ Objections to participating  in a Tune Out
__ Why participate in a second TV Tune-Out
__ Here we go again: What can we gain from a         third  TV Tune Out
__ Winnetka TV Tune Out: The Tradition               Continues
__ TV Violence:  What the Research Says About  Its Effect on Children
             __Halloween Fears
__ Holiday Traditions
__ Families, Rituals, and   Holiday Traditions
__ Depression: Will the Sun  Ever Shine Again?
__ Dutiful Daughters and their aging parents __We Interrupt This Program to Bring You:     Children and the News (Talking to your child about terrorism)

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