Dr. Beckman's Message for Students:

Please read this before emailing me to ask me to send information or references regarding this topic or others.  Also, see below regarding asking me for individual interviews.

When I was studying for my masters and Ph.D., the most important training I received was the methodology of how to look up the literature about a particular topic and view it with a critical eye.  I receive many, many requests from students asking me to provide/forward information and research findings about the topic of television violence.  Most of these students are new undergraduates, but some requests are  from advanced students and those seeking advanced degrees.  I believe students are doing themselves a great disservice if they  finish their degrees having other people provide them with the information, research articles, bibliographies, or other leads to find the information they need rather than learning to seek it out themselves.  Students need to learn to utilize computer databases to search for review articles (which contain bibliographies) as well as articles published after the review articles were written.

If you are a student member of the American Psychological Association, I believe you might be able to use/purchase their Psychological Abstracts online service.  If you are not a member, you can subscribe temporarily so you can review the psychological literature online.  You can go to http://www.apa.org to find out the details.

Regarding individual interviews:

I regret that I am no longer able to individually respond to the countless the student requests for interviews I receive.  Many schools now seem require students to interview psychologists as part of their paper. I believe that if you can find a local psychologist  to interview, you could gain much from an in-person interview, especially if you think you may want to choose psychology as a career.  Alternatively, you could go to Http://www.apa.org and inquire whether their media department will answer student requests for interviews.