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Parents ask about what to do for students who need Text to Speech Technology

Text to Speech Technologyfor Reading Difficulties

Closing the Gap (Assistive Technology) Presentation Summary

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About Dr. Beckman

Dr. Jeanne Beckman attained her masters and Ph.D. in developmental and clinical psychology  1980 and 1982.  She was a consultant to schools for severe emotional and behavioral disorders and, while at Michael Reese Hospital’s Developmental Institute, was an evaluator of individuals with a wide range of developmental issues that included low incidence and multiple handicaps. 

Dr. Beckman has been working with learning disabled and other physically handicapped individuals for over twenty-five years.  She provides comprehensive psychological evaluations, learning disabilities evaluations, and assistive technology evaluations and training.  She presented a session entitled “The Dyslexia Prescription” at the Closing the Gap conference in Minneapolis in October of 2003, a session entitled "Aiming for College: Technology Accommodations/Study Skills Training for LD Students at the Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association on October 14, 2004, and various other presentations.

Dr. Beckman provides seminars, inservices, and training to schools, organizations, and families in the areas of appropriate remediation, accommodation, assistive technology, inclusion, IEP design, and advocacy.  The daughter of an inventor, she utilizes an enthusiastic, practical problem-solving approach in developing “work-arounds” to serve individuals and their families’ learning needs.


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