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In my book, I explain a research-driven, yet practical, approach to figuring out what you need to be successful: the DIMS Approach, asks Does It Make Sense?

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Mentoring the Love of a Book
Learn the benefits of sharing the love of reading and learning with your children

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TV TuneOut Families

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New Services

  1. Tech Marketing and event planning for small and medium sized businesses and organizations
  2. Do you need accessible books?
    Accessible book preparation
    for school, work, and pleasure
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Tech Tutoring
Make technology do the work, not create more work. Classes and individual sessions available for common and rare technologies for individuals & small businesses, school, and leisure settings
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  1. Free session: Early Literacy: for the love of a book: Reading aloud to your child
  2. One session: Having fun making accessible books for your preschool and early elementary child
  3. Three sessions: Using technology for power reading and study skills at school, work, and home: The nuts and bolts of "text to speech" reading technology
  4. Three sessions: "Computer, take this down": The nuts and bolts of dictating to your computer instead of typing. Specialized software (with a good microphone) can successfully take dictation for those as young as nine and as old as ninety-nine
  5. Three sessions: Ready for high school: technology and study skills for success. These classes geared toward junior high school students and their parents
  6. Three sessions: Hit the ground running: College prep and post-secondary prep for all students. These classes geared toward high school students and their parents
  7. Free session: The curious student: Lifelong reading "for the love of the book"

*Classes are held in Northfield, IL. Call for information about dates and times.
Additional classes and locations available upon request.
For more information, please contact
Dr. Beckman at 847-446-1251


Upcoming and recent    events:

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May 6
Professionals in Learning Disabilities
Sustenance is a civil Right
Accommodation, Remediation, and Inclusion for LD Students

  • In this presentation you will learn
    The "DIMS Approach" to figuring out what supports, specialized education, and technology tools each student needs in a diverse environment
  • Current, specific technologies to address student needs (for all ages) in every learning environment
  • Technology that bridges the ages and supports entrepreneurial and other workplace settings
  • How to determine whether a specific technology is appropriate for a specific individual
  • The difference between remediation and accommodation, as well as determining whether and when each is appropriate
  • In regard to technology: what is reasonable for public schools to provide in inclusive vs. resource settings

Tuesday, March 11, 7:00 PM
Dr. Jeanne Beckman

Technology Tools for School Success Dr. Jeanne Beckman, author of The Tech Psychologist's Guide, will discuss appropriate technology tools that should be available to all students, including those with special needs. She will discuss practical strategies and tools for overcoming barriers that interfere with academic performance and achievement in those with LD, ADD, and other disabilities.
Address: Sulzer Regional Library – Auditorium, 4455 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625

Sunday, March 2

Dr. Seuss stampTo kick off literacy month (March) and celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, Winnetka Rotarian Dr. Jeanne Beckman held a Dr. Seuss birthday party at The Book Stall in Winnetka. In addition to reading books "the old fashioned way," children (and adults) who came to the party had an opportunity to try accessible reading software by reading a Dr. Seuss book on the computer. What is your favorite Seuss book? I think mine is Green Eggs and Ham, the Number four all time rank of children's hardcover books. Stay tuned for more literacy events during the month of March.

What: Book signing, technology demonstrations, Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Literacy Volunteers Project Update

When: Saturday, February 23, 2008 11-3

Where: One Northfield Plaza, Northfield, IL (accessible site)

Find out about

  • Technology that reads any book aloud (text to speech)
  • Technology that types whatever you say (voice recognition or “Dragon”)
  • Technology that speaks for those with delayed, difficult to understand, or absent speech
  • Technology that helps you keep track of appointments, assignments, and other important information
  • How to get technology to meet your individual needs
  • How to share technology for literacy through local and international Rotary literacy projects
  • 10% of book sales during open house will be donated to Winnetka-Northfield Literacy Project

Audience: Information for all ages

  • For more information, email Dr. Beckman at techpsych@techpsychologist.com

October 11, 2007
A Practical Approach to Technology & Access tools from
Preschool through Retirement

Illinois Branch of IDA
21st Annual Conference
Oak Brook Terrace, IL

call Dr. Beckman for more information
(847) 446-1251

Coming Soon:
Saturday Readers: Technology and Strategies to learn for the future.

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Families and Entire Communities
are being destabilized by
Exposure to Media and Gun Violence

Dr. Beckman is
Available for Media Interviews
on Children's Exposure to Violence
and Other Family Topics

Telephone 1-847-446-1251


Television Violence: 
What the Research Says
About Its Effect on Young Children

PDF of article coming soom


Beckman's Quick Picks: Books

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Questions about evaluations and technology?

Private evaluations and technology training classes       now forming for all ages (preschool through adult)
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 Elementary School or Middle School?
"The transition between elementary and secondary school marks a point where some kids thrive and others begin a serious downward spiral." Read More in this article:














Family Friendly Technology
& Advice Book

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Tech Psychologist's Guide to
Technology & Access Tools

Tech Psychologist book cover   

ISBN  978-1-60264-089-4

available from the publisher:


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Tech Psychologist's Guide

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Dr. Jeanne Beckman
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Developmental Psychologist

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Short Term Practical Solutions 
for Today's Challenges 

Dr. Beckman is a clinical psychologist with special expertise in developmental psychology (normal and abnormal lifespan development). She has a private practice in Winnetka where she provides a wide range of evaluation, training, therapy and consultation services for children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Beckman believes that parents are experts and coaches them in ways to help their children make real and lasting changes. 

Dr. Beckman utilizes a practical, problem-solving approach to helping people of all ages feel motivated and able to make necessary changes

Dr. Beckman has over twenty-five years of experience in providing comprehensive learning disabilities evaluations as well as providing expert testing for those with complex, multiple challenges. She is a popular speaker  on a variety of child and family topics. Dr. Beckman has appeared frequently on television, and radio regarding various child and family topics. 

Dr. Beckman has written numerous articles about children, adults, families and parenting.  She has been an invited contributor to such newsletters as Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood, ParenTimes (CAEYC) and the Village Club Newsletter. Dr. Beckman has been quoted in national and local newspapers and magazines including Time, Parents, Working Mother, the Winnetka Talk, and the Chicago Tribune.   She has appeared on both local and national television, radio, and has been a national spokesperson for several corporations.

Dr. Beckman's practice provides comprehensive services for a wide range of settings.  Consultation, seminars, in-service training, testing, and therapeutic services are available for individuals, businesses, the media, and schools. 


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Article:  Effects of Television Violence

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Recent Newsletter
Special Issue: Technology for Learning

I have been involved with clients who use technology for learning, communication, and mobility for over twenty years. 
Within the past year, I have intensified my efforts to learn about the most recent tools available for those who 
have learning disabilities and other learning challenges. 

In this newsletter are the following topics:

  • What is assistive technology?
  • Assistive technology tools
  • Where to start
  • My learning disabilities services include:

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"I don’t have to wait for someone to help me read or write anymore. I can do it myself."

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